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Hello! Happy to be included in this group and be surrounded by great individuals. My name is Emily Dwyer, and I am currently an MS in Fire and Emergency Sciences student at the University of Florida. I am halfway through my degree, and from my experience through my Leon County DEM internship my favorite aspect of EM so far is Mitigation.

I spent my adolesent years growing up in DC, as both my parents were stationed at the Pentagon. But after 9/11, we promptly moved to a rural Pennsylvania mountain town called Boiling Springs. I moved to Florida so pursue an education at the Univeristy of Florida. I also enisted in the Florida Army National Guard. In my 5 years total in Florida, I have been on 4 SADs in hurricane response- Matthew, Irma, Michael, and Dorian. Each have their own unique story and experiences to them, and I am very thankful for the oppurtunity to have been involved with them. It was actually because of those SADs that I discovered that there is a whole field in EM, and that is how my journey began.

Emily Dwyer
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