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Committees, Working Groups, and Liaisons


Your Link to Valuable Expertise and Networks


FEPA's Committees provide valuable insight and technical expertise for FEPA Programs and Projects. FEPA's Standing Committees are listed below with a brief description of their focus and intent. Please reach out to the Committee contacts for more information or to become more involved.

FEPA's Working Groups are established to perform project driven analyses and evaluations and promote coordination for initiatives that impact multiple Florida's emergency management programs.  

FEPA's liaisons provide access to allied agencies and organizations and represent FEPA on statewide committees, commissions and working groups. 

Annual Meeting Committee

Annual Meeting Committee Co-Chairs

Paul Womble, Co-Chair | Jennifer Daniels, Co-Chair |

Polk County Emergency Management | Franklin County Emergency Management |

The FEPA Annual Meeting Committee develops the program and activities for the FEPA Annual Meeting. All FEPA Committees contribute and provide suggestions for FEPA meeting content and schedules.  FEPA members are encouraged to suggest topics through the formal "Call for Presentations" process or through their Area Governors.

Certification Commission

Certification Commission Chair

Celeste Fournier

Lee County Emergency Management

Instructor Certification Section Vice-Chair

Jeff Goldberg

Walton County Emergency Management

Emergency Management Section Vice-Chair

April Taylor

City of Orlando Emergency Management

Certification Commission Secretary

Penni Long

Orange County Public Schools

The FEPA Certification Committee serves as the Certification Commission to implement the FEPA Certification Program. FEPA maintains an Emergency Management practioner certification program with three levels of recognition and an opportunity for recognition as a Health Care Emergency Manager. An Instructor Certification with three levels of recognition is also available.

Governance Committee

Governance Committee Chair

Greg Becker

Nassau County | FEPA Parliamentarian

The Governance Committee receives, discusses, evaluates and recommends action on all proposed resolution, bylaws, and administrative polices and procedures changes and additions submitted to the Association.

Membership and Awards Committee

Membership and Awards Committee Co-Chairs

Kelly Wilson | Erin Thomas

St. Johns County Emergency Management | Hernando County Emergency Management

The FEPA Membership and Awards Committee works to promote and retain membership as well as to ensure the Association delivers quality member services through it projects and programs. The Committee advertises and manages the FEPA Annual Awards Program and works closely with the FEPA Area Governors to solicit award nominations to recognize outstanding contributions to the Florida emergency management system and the emergency management profession.

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