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Awards and Nominations


Distinguished Service Award

To long standing members of FEPA upon their retirement from the emergency management profession.

Chad Reed - Emergency Management Professional of the Year Award

To any Emergency Management Professional who has distinguished themselves in the field of Emergency Management in the State of Florida.

Chad Reed became the youngest person appointed as a Florida County Emergency Management Director when asked to serve by Dixie County at the age of 24. Chad’s devotion to emergency service began early as he completed volunteer service and his EMT training in high school. By doing this, he could qualify for a paid position the January following his graduation.

Chad was an active member of the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association, served on numerous Association Committees, served as FEPA Treasurer and was elected to serve as FEPA’s 2004 President. Tragically, Chad died in the line of duty in 2010 at the age of 33, while serving with the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office.

In recognition of Chad’s dedication and service to emergency management, FEPA named its highest honor, the Emergency Management Professional of the Year Award, in Chad’s memory. The inaugural “Chad Reed Emergency Manager of the Year Award” was conferred by FEPA during the Association's 2011 Awards Ceremony.

Legislative Achievement Award

To a local, state or federal Legislator for outstanding leadership in sponsoring legislation which improves Emergency Management in the State of Florida.

Volunteer Award

To an individual or organization, from the volunteer sector that has contributed greatly to the efforts of Emergency Management. If the nominee is an individual, he/she must be a non-paid volunteer.


Corporate Award

To an individual or organization, from the private sector that has made a substantial contribution to Emergency Management.


Media Award

To an individual or organization for outstanding efforts to educate and inform the public about Emergency Management through the use of media.

Gary Arnold Emergency Management Service Award

To a group or individual for dedicated, unselfish, and enthusiastic service to improving the Emergency Management Community.

Gary S. Arnold (WB2WPA) began his service in emergency management as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Collier County Emergency Management in March, 1998.  After a 20 year career in radio and television, Gary brought his interest and experience in communications and technology working to upgrade communications and computer services critical in an emergency and developed Collier County's first mobile command and communication center vehicle.

Gary shared this expertise with the emergency management community at large through his involvement with the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association, the Governor’s Hurricane Conference and serving on damage assessment teams following Hurricanes Gilbert, Hugo, and Andrew.

Gary passed away in May, 2001 after getting off shift supporting a wildfire operations; he was 50 years old.

Emerging Leader Award

To an individual with less than 3 years of experience working in the emergency management profession who has made significant contributions to the field of Emergency Management in Florida.


FEPA Service Award

To an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to the enhancement of the FEPA organization. The contribution must specifically benefit FEPA. Nominees must not have been compensated by the association for their contribution. The FEPA Board of Directors selects the recipient(s) of this award.


  1. Provide a description of specific accomplishments of the nominee.  Support materials can be included in the form of articles, letters, photos, or other documentation.  No self-nominations will be considered.

  2. Provide a brief summary of the nomination for potential use during the awards ceremony.

  3. A separate nomination must be completed for each award/person nominated.

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