FEPA Membership

The Benefits of your FEPA Membership

Policy – FEPA monitors state and federal legislation, regulations and other issues affecting the emergency management community. Updates are communicated to the membership and acted upon by Association representatives through testimony at public hearings and legislative committee meetings. FEPA is represented on state commissions, committees and task forces in order to ensure favorable program guidance on issues affecting the emergency management community.

Information Sharing & Technical Assistance –  FEPA’s newsletter is published quarterly and provides timely information on current emergency management initiatives, policy issues and agency news at the local, state and federal levels. The FEPA website (www.fepa.org) is updated on a regular basis. Communications are maintained with a network of allied associations and various organizations to ensure a unified response to issues affecting the multi-faceted discipline of emergency management.

Training & Education –  FEPA provides direct access to current emergency management policies through Association work session, task forces, workshops, working groups and committees. Members are kept up-to-date on the latest developments in the Emergency Management Profession.

Certification –  FEPA coordinates several professional emergency management certification programs to recognize experienced emergency managers in the State of Florida.