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FEPA Mutual Aid Support Team (F-MAST) Portal

The FEPA Mutual Aid Support Team (F-MAST) is a FEPA program that builds a database of deployable personnel as EOC support resources that EOCs can request to bring to help provide EOC-specific assistance. This initiative was born out of the extensive need for experienced emergency management personnel in deployments during Hurricane Michael. This is done through a deployment portal designed to correlate your expertise and knowledge with specific requests for assistance in emergency operations centers and/or emergency management functions during an Incident. 

All persons looking to deploy should be able to work in high-stress and fast-paced environments. They should be problem solvers, independent, and understand complex, full-scale disaster response. Individuals should be able to multi-task and manage deadlines. Individuals should also have a good understanding of missions, resource requests, and other basic functions of an emergency operations center. The skillsets that you select should be functions that you are very comfortable carrying out. Activated EOCs are very busy environments and you should only need a short orientation to be able to complete the tasks that you are assigned.

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All persons looking to deploy should be able to work in high stress and fast paced environments. They should be problem solvers... more...

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