Important Information

Below is a look at ongoing important information, news, and updates as it relates to FEPA and emergency preparedness.  Please come back for continued up-to-date information as it becomes available.

Important Information and News
COVID-19 Information

FEPA By-Laws Update 2021
(Members Only)

The FEPA Board of Directors approved proposed 2021 revision to the Association’s By-Laws during the August 6, 2021 business meeting.


Members can view the 2021 update in the Resources page of the Members Only section under Legislative and Statutory Policies/Policies and Procedures.

FEPA Merchandise is Now Online!

We are excited to announce the establishment of an on-line store for members to purchase valued FEPA merchandise!  A limited number of items are available now to ensure delivery prior to the Mid-Year Work Session.  After Mid-Year, the store will re-open and remain open through the calendar year.  All transactions will be completed on-line for direct shipping to you – there will be no inventory for sale on-site at FEPA events. 

Visit to sample the current stock!  You must order by Sunday, July 11, 2021, to make sure to receive your merchandise in time for Mid-Year.